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  • Sports Earbuds earpods HS-99

    Sports Earbuds earpods HS-99

    Get a powerful and clear sound with the new wireless sports earpods Swiss HS-99 + Go. Specially designed to practice intense sport comfortably and without headphones from falling. Waterproof and sweat. Its case for storage and transportation, is also PowerBank charger; recharge your headphones without connecting to the stream while you're not using

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  • Bluetooth headsets HP001BT

    Bluetooth headsets HP001BT

    Comfort and long life are the words that best define Woo Bluetooth Headset HP001BT with which get completely isolate what happens around you and just listen to your favorite music from your smartphone, computer or tablet.

    Bluetooth connection with high fidelity you never suffer these interruptions bother both while listening to your favorite songs. Use your wireless headset in countless situations; connect them to your computer via Bluetooth and move around your house freely without worrying about the cable or go for a walk with your Smartphone in your pocket and your headphones in your ears without any other element involved.

    In addition, the soft touch and soft Bluetooth Headset Woo HP001BT make can listen to music for hours without your ears hurt you for being compressed.

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  • Auriculares Bluetooth ProSound PS400B

    Auriculares Bluetooth ProSound PS400B

    You'd never had a headset with so many features and such a good price and the Bluetooth headset ProSound PS400B. These Bluetooth headsets have the possibility of incorporating SD cards for the moments you do not have your Smartphone to reach and always with the advantage of not fumble with cables to despair.

    Bluetooth headset ProSound PS400B complete their attributes with FM radio and remote control system call, thanks to its built-in microphone will not need to pull out your cell phone pocket, all within an impeccable sound quality and exquisite design.

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