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  • Selfie light Clip

    Selfie light Clip

    Selfie ligth, lighting perfectly lit perfect for selfies with your mobile Led.
    No red-eye. 4 intensity levels and 5600º Kelvin color temperature.
    internal battery 240 mAh. 40 minutes of battery life. Rechargeable battery charger 5V.

  • Watertight Case for Smartphones 6 "

    Watertight Case for Smartphones 6 "

    Smartphone watertight sheath up to 6 "protects from water, snow, sand, dust and other similar adversities. It allows you to maximize your outdoor activities, take photographs and make videos with maximum safety even in adverse environmental conditions.
    Typing on the phone screen is easy and smooth thanks to the great flexibility of cover material.
    Ideal for those who in summer go to the beach or pool, ensuring on mobile phone at a high level of protection.

  • Smartphone kit lens 5 in 1

    Smartphone kit lens 5 in 1

    Are you a lover of photography? With this kit lens 5 goals smartphone will have the opportunity to make the frame you see fit. Objectives made of high quality glass assembled on a chassis durability. With universal support 98% of Smartphones

  • Cable 2 in 1 USB / Micro iOS

    Cable 2 in 1 USB / Micro iOS

    Cable USB Universal conbinado iOs+Micro Usb de 1 mt

  • Palo Selfie Tripod VIP 01

    Palo Selfie Tripod VIP 01

    original and innovative design, Palo selfie VIP 01 tripod lets you use your mobile phone, camera or other digital camera action, express their creativity at the highest level.
    Use it to make your selfies with its extendable stick or open their legs for use as a tripod.

    solid construction in anodized aluminum alloy.
    It is equipped with an adapter and a special screw for fixing the mobile phone and / or digital cameras generally small-medium size.
    Recharging is via a USB (cable included) connection.
    Removable Bluetooth remote control for maximum comfort and versatility in control of your mobile phone.

  • Flexible Tripod Advance 10

    Flexible Tripod Advance 10

    flexible, portable, compact, lightweight, adaptable and versatile ultra tripod. Ideal companion for your trips and excursions.
    The main feature of this accessory is its flexible legs that "writhe" assuming truly unusual positions that make it ideal as a support to bind any
    Instead you find (a tree branch, a railing, a pole, a bush, etc.) and to adapt to any surface irregularities, even the most irregular.
    Their legs bend and rotate 360 ​​°. Adapter support smartphone.

  • Mini desktop tripod

    Mini desktop tripod

    Mini desktop tripod for amateur photographers and video, ideal for traveling. Compatible with compact cameras, phones and sports video cameras.
    support is included for holding mobile phones. Thanks to this add-on you can easily record any video
    Static with your mobile. It can also be used as hand support greater comfort.