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  • Smart Bracelet Swissgo Coira
  • Smart Bracelet TrackOne

    Smart Bracelet TrackOne

    Multiple options color scheme featuring Smart Strap Bracelet TrackOne and minimalist design will make your smart bracelet can show off on any occasion. All this comes with the most advanced features to know all the information about your health and exercise featuring our line of bracelets, to which we add the remote control to take pictures and recording option route with Google Maps.

    The Smart Bracelet TrackOne, with a battery of 6 days in standby and 4 in use gives you all the benefits of a digital clock and some of Smartphone; DayDayBand through the application available for Android and iOS systems you will receive all notifications of calls and messages arriving from your smart phone.

    Smart menus Bracelet TrackOne are available in Spanish, Italian, English, French and German.

  • Smart Bracelet Nyon Plus

    Smart Bracelet Nyon Plus

    With the smart bracelet elegantly designed Nyon Plus you get to know much more information about your sport and you added to the options for measuring distance, heart rate and steps we will also be informed about the amount of calories burned after an activity physical.

    Download to your Smartphone the mistep Android app and start enjoying all its benefits with which you can also improve your health through monitoring of sleep.

    Sa long battery life lets you use your smart bracelet for other functions such as receiving all the information you receive our Smartphone which allows you to stay connected to your social world without removing your phone from the pocket.

    Menus are available in Spanish, Italian, English, French and German.