About us

Technology to enjoy your passions

In swissgo we want you to enjoy your passions with the best gadgets and technological accessories. That's why we work so that all our products have the latest technology and modern design. We can thus offer the best equipment to practice your favorite sport, you hear your favorite music or make the best pictures.

Also in swissgo all your purchases are rewarded with our GoPoints points systemWin points every time you buy and turn them into discounts for the next.

On our website we have a wide range of products divided into five broad categories:

Cameras Adventure and the best accessories so that you record all your adventures.

Headphones, Portable Speakers Y Sound Towers last generation and the best connectivity features.

Powerbanks Y Multi chargers to recharge all your devices. We also have a lot of battery compatible with major camera market. Never run out of energy.

accessories to complement smartphone. Smartwatches Y Smart Bracelets for monotorizar all your activity. We also have smart home products so you have all weather information in real time.

The best tripods, accessories and to complete your photographic equipment.

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